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Live Chat Solution

Indiaexcite's Live help desk solution has the fully non-hosted video chat solution to offer peer-to-peer HTML5 videochat™ in HD without needs of browsers plugins, Flash-based systems or intermediate servers, to ensure top performance! Live chat visitors can place voice and video calls straight from your website with no additional hardware or software installations.

Indiaexcite's Live Helpdesk System included WEBRTC peer-to-peer data stream, system web notifications and many more:

▶ Peer-to-peer HTML5 videochat™
▶ Skype bridge™
▶ Integrated ticketing management
▶ Private messaging system
▶ Operating system web notifications
▶ Advanced help desk mode
▶ Multiple tabs sync mode
▶ Private user-to-user chat and public chat mode also supporting chatrooms - (If required)
▶ Multiple chatrooms
▶ Form based chat join and auto activation
▶ Integration with social extensions
▶ Email notifications
▶ File attachment exchange
▶ Unlimited users
▶ Media objects support, videos, iframe, images, links, Youtube, Vimeo, etc
▶ Private chat between users - (If required)
▶ Public chat for multi users conversations - (If required)
▶ Mobile devices support for IOS, Android and more
▶ Responsive full-screen mode
▶ Server load fine tune for performance optimizations

This system is an extreme flexible communication solution can be used as a help desk and integrated ticketing tool to talk live with visitors of your site. Unlimited predefined set of chat agents enables collaboration and assistance from your appointed staff.

Application Features

  • Peer-to-peer HTML5 video chat™
  • Native HTML5 HD video chat to your site without needs of hosted or Flash based solutions
  • Skype bridge™
  • Set your Skype ID and you are ready to receive Skype calls from other users
  • Private messaging
  • The integrated system to manage private messaging make it possible to send messages notified by email also to offline users
  • Media objects
  • Share directly inside chat messages media elements such as videos, images, iframes from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • File attachments
  • Send attachments to other users from your file system with just one click.
  • Ticketing and Help Desk
  • Manage tickets using ACL administration and choose your set of customer agents through Joomla! groups for live help desk.
  • Operating System Alerts
  • Receive notifications for incoming messages also when the browser is minified thanks to most modern and powerful HTML5 features.
  • Form Chat Join
  • Let guest users join chat simply clicking a button or filling a quick form to collect useful information.
  • Mobile and Responsive
  • Chat everywhere and with every device, mobile devices and responsive templates are supported and can take advantages of full screen mode.
  • Admin Messages
  • Administration is available to see and export all details for exchanged messages between users including IP tracking.