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Subscription Management System

Membership / Subscription Management System

Membership / Subscription Management System allows creating and selling subscription plans.

Let members subscribe for these plans and later when requirement arises, give them access to restricted resources (Documents, Menus, Modules, Pages, etc.,) on your content portal.

Main Features:

Subscription Plans Management
  • Create and manage (list, edit, delete, update, publish, unpublish) subscription plans from Admin.

  • For each subscription plan, specify price, subscription length (how long the membership is active if users sign up for this plan), thumbnail, description of that plan.
Recurring Subscription
  • The subscription of one subscriber is expired, it will be renewed automatically.
Membership Sign-up From Front-End
  • When users visit your site, they will see list of published subscription plans, choose a plan of their wish, sign up and process payment (via online payment gateways such as Paypal,, Eway or Offline Payment...). Thereafter an active membership of that subscription plan shall be enabled.
Flexible Membership Renews Options
  • The users holding an active membership can renew their membership to extend their membership active time. The module enables the renewal option very flexible.
  • Subscribers are enabled to renew their membership in the number of days as per the subscriber's desire.
    • For example, if the subscription plans setup with subscription length of 60 days, the module enabled to define different renewal options such as 10 days or 30 days or 45 days and the fee calculated accordingly. Any number of renew options shall be setup to meet the need of the system (very flexible).
Subscribers Management From Admin End
  • View list of subscribers
  • Filter subscribers by status (Pending, Active, Expired, Cancelled...
  • Delete subscribers
  • Create a new subscription for an existing member Edit / delete a subscriber
Flexible Upgrade Options
  • The system shall be setup accordingly, so that subscribers of 6 Months Membership shall pay to upgrade his membership to 12 Months Membership anytime during his subscription period.
Auto Reminder feature
  • The system shall be set to send notification email to subscribers X-Days and Y-Days before their membership expired so that they will know and process renew his membership.
Flexible Custom Fields Feature
  • Flexible and Powerful custom fields feature allows to add/remove/change ordering of any fields on subscription form. The system support different types of custom fields like Textbox, Text area, Checkbox List, Radio List, Dropdown etc.,
Coupon Code Feature
  • The system allows creating coupon codes from Admin-end of the module and sending these coupon codes to your customers so that they get discount while subscribing for your subscription plans. Coupon code can give discount by amount or by percent of total subscription cost, can be used for one plan or for all subscription plans.
Build-in Invoice Support
  • When every user subscribe for a subscription plan, a PDF Invoice will be generated. The system allows configuring the module such a way that the PDF invoice can be sent to subscriber's email. Subscribers can also download this PDF invoice on subscription history page.
Restrict access to part of an article (online)
  • Restrict access to part of a content in a published article to subscribers of certain subscription plans (free!?). When a user read an article which has text restricted, the user will see a message tell them that they will have to be an active subscribers to see that text...(the message of course can be configurable).
Restrict access to Pages on your site
  • The system has a “URLs plug-in” to restrict access to any page on your site for subscribers. Basically, the plug-in allow you to enter URLs you want when you create a subscription plan and only subscribers of this subscription plan can access to these URLs.
  • The system has a mailing plug-in which allows the user to subscribe into Mailing newsletter lists when they sign up for a subscription plan, enables to send newsletters to your subscribers.
Subscription History
  • Subscribers can access subscription history page to see their subscription history, edit information of any subscription record or process renew / upgrade his subscription.
CSV Export Feature
  • CSV export feature allows exporting subscribers of a subscription plan (or all plans) into CSV file enable the administrators to view it in an Excel program like MS Excel or exchange data with a different system.
Import Subscribers from a CSV file
  • This feature allows you to import subscribers from a CSV file.
Multi-Payment Gateways Support
  • The system supports more than 20 different payment gateways. Paypal,, Eway, and Offline payment plug-in.
User Registration Integration
  • Users can enter username and password on subscription form to register for an account on your site when they subscribe to a subscription plan.
  • The account will remain pending until the user's subscription become active (when he completed Payment or Admin active it manually).
  • Registration history plug-in which allow registrants to see and edit all events which they registered.