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Web Hosting

Indiaexcite's Small Business Web Hosting is a cost effective, feature rich web hosting plan best suited for Small and Medium Size Enterprises. Reap the same benefits of a Corporate Web Hosting in a scaled down version.




✔ 1 GB Web Space

✔ Bandwidth

✔ 10 Emails



✔ 5 GB Web Space

✔ Bandwidth

✔ 50 Emails



✔ 10 GB Web Space

✔ Bandwidth

✔ 250 Emails

Hardware Features

Powerful Hardware with 256 GB RAM Server
Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core Processor Powered
SSD Caching for lightning speed delivery
cPanel / WHM Reseller Control Panel
Cloud Linux OS with CageFS
Softaculous - One Click App Installer
FREE Site Builder
FREE Payment Gateway

Special Features

SEO TOOLS, Google Site Map Generator, Link Builder and many more site marketing tools.
SITE BUILDER responsive, compatible with all devices such as PC,Mobile,Tablet.
ARROW SHIELD securing sites from more than 14000 infections and malware attacks.

Email and Spam Protection:

Smart Phone and Blackberry compatible mail boxes. POP3, SMTP and Webmail Access. On Demand and On Access Virus Scanning.
Spam Assassin protection.


Robust Hardware:

Indiaexcite's Hosting servers are powered by 256 GB RAM Servers with Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core Turbo Processors. Such a robust hardware can provide a very stable and high speed performance and at the same can withstand any sudden spike in users / visits. This is very crucial when it comes to a shared hosting environment.

Pre-Hardened OS / Scripting:

Cloud Linux OS with cagefs provides the highest level of isolation of individual users (websites) in our shared web hosting environment. Such an isolation is very important for security and performance. One website’s spike in usage or vulnerability will not affect other websites in a Cloud Linux OS as LVE and Cagefs provide better isolation.

Feature Rich Control Panel:

Indiaexcite's Hosting comes with cPanel for managing key functions of your web hosting such as adding domains, managing ftp, edit dns, create and restore mysql databases, sub domains etc. One click installers such as Softaculous allows you to install open source applications like wordpress, joomla and hundreds more in a single click.