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Social Networking Integration

Homeland-Embassy Strategy Concept

On our own website, we control the user experience. Our website is like our sovereign Nation. It is our homeland.Our Facebook Page, on the other hand, or your Twitter feed, is more like embassies.

We need to execute a homeland-embassy social media strategy, by actually embed the activities occurring in the embassies on our homeland. By doing so, we’re using social media to advocate on our behalf to all direct visitors to our homeland.
  • Integrate our Facebook Page into our website with a like box along the lead generation button.
  • Embed tweet buttons and Linkedin buttons and use follower count bubbles as social proof that we have got advocates.
  • Upload videos, embed a YouTube Channel Widget so the content is available on our homeland as well.

Youtube Integration
You Tube as a true networking, communication and sharing tool will bring a whole new layer of interaction for businesses or brands wanting to promote a new video as part of their social media marketing campaign Video SEO can Bring Motivated Customers. Search Engine Optimized Videos are tireless, effective sales agents that drive traffic to your website.

Facebook Integration
Facebook social plug-in are effectively integrated with your site to personalize your website and drive traffic and engagement.

Facebook integration, creating branded Facebook applications and customized your site, open up a new way for your business to engage with your online targets, by extending the reach of your targeted communities directly into Facebook.

This effective integration provides you an easiest way to integrate the social graph into your site and provide an instantly personalized experience to your site visitors and users.

The most important plug-ins to integrate :

  • The Like button, On Facebook and now anywhere, the Like button offers users a lightweight and consistent way to share the things and topics that interest them.
  • The Activity Feed plug-in shows users what their friends have liked on your site.
  • The Recommendations plug-in gives content suggestions from your site.
  • The Facepile plug-in shows profile pictures of the user's friends who have already signed up for your site.
Linkedin Company Page
A Company Page helps LinkedIn members learn about your business, brand, products and services, and job opportunities. Any LinkedIn member can follow a company page. Thus LinkedIn Company page Markets your business to the LinkedIn community and raise awareness of your brand, promote career opportunities, and educate potential customers on your products and services.

In order to help companies focus more on sharing information regarding specific services that are offered by them LinkedIn has created “Showcase Pages”

  • Showcase Pages, allows creating a custom page for each individual product or service that your business offers.
  • These pages can be very useful in increasing visibility to key service/product offerings that the Company wants to focus on.
  • Company will be able to share Showcase Page's updates, these posts will be specifically related to a product or service related items that would interest those members of your target market whom you want to engage with your page.
  • Essentially Showcase Pages are Company Pages on steroids as a full page of useful information related to a specific product or service shall be provided.

Twitter Integration
Flickr Integration
Pinterest Integration